Tomato Toru (ridge gourd) Chutney


Tomato – 200 gms

Toru (ridge gourd) – 200 gms

Onion – 30 gms

Garlic – 2 gms

Green Chili – 10 gms

Curry leaves – 10 gms

Mustard Seeds – 2 gms

Jeera (Cumin)  – 2 gms

Oil – 20 gms


1. Heat a little oil in the pan, fry chopped green chilies, Onion & garlic together till it is light brown.

2. Fry chopped tomatoes separately in oil till it becomes soft.

3. Separately fry toru (chopped) in oil till it is cooked.

4. Allow all the fried ingredients to cool down, then grind them together by adding the coriander leaves.

5. After grinding add salt to taste, top it with fried mustard seeds & curry leaves and mix well.