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Q1- One batter for Dosa and idlis, how come it is possible?

Our 5 years of research on ingredients and fermentation process, clubbed with 100 years of experience in food processing have helped us in making this Specialty IDLI-DOSA batter.

Q2- Does batter have soda?

No soda added nor required, as our batter contains high quality Urad Dal in good quantity to make naturally soft idlis.

Q3- Which salt is used?

Natural rock salt!

Q4- What is special about it?

The research on ingredients and care taken during processing results in consistent quality, making idlis super soft and Dosa deliciously crispy.

Q5- Do we have to add water?

Only for dosa add adequate amount of water and mix well.

Q6- How Does it stay for so long if it doesn’t have any chemicals/preservatives?

Our unique temperature controlled distribution model and sealed batter, help it to stay fresh for a longer period.

Q7- Is it suitable for kids?

Our ingredients ensure healthy nutritious meals for kids. (Until and unless in some special conditions the doctor does not advice the same)

Q8- I don’t Know how it tastes?

A great new taste is waiting for you! Try it to believe it.

Q9- Is it gluten free?

Yes, it is gluten free

Q10- How the batter should be stored?

Store inside fridge below 10 degree centigrade, do not freeze.

Q11- Can we use this product next day, once it is opened?

Yes you can, a good option for dosas!

Q12- Why does your batter have bubbles & looks fermented?

Since it is an Urad dal based fermented product, this will make your idlis light and fluffy, mix well and use.

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